Dr. Alan Inman

Alan Inman is of American and Costa Rican descent who believes in health equality and equity. He moved from Texas to Costa Rica to pursue medicine at the Universidad de Ciencias Medicas. Upon graduating he proceeded to work in the medical field committed to people receiving decent attention and service, traits he found lacking in the medical community. Passionate about medicine and helping others, Alan explored many different areas of medicine, feeling that anti-aging was his nitch. When he started sharing his healthy lifestyle and thus helping both men and women return to their once lost vigor and happiness, he found a passion. Alan is certified in aesthetics.


In his personal life, Alan is happily married and has a few four-pawed family members. They lead an active lifestyle and Alan personally enjoys running, playing the sport of soccer, deep sea fishing, shooting his bow, but most of all, spending time with friends and family. Grateful for the wonderful life and experiences that God has provided him with, Alan makes sure that all are welcome in the clinic and ensures help and individualized attention. 

Alan Inman is a medical doctor passionate about working with whoever seeks a positive change in themselves, providing the tools needed to make their goals happen and feel optimistic and more ambitious about everything life has to offer.   


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San José, Costa Rica

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