Hormone Replacement Therapy

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The British physician A.T.W. Simeons described in 1954 a new method for dieting. He combined a reduction diet (500 kcal per day) with daily injections of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). According to Simeons, the injections should facilitate maintenance of the diet and to lose body weight at specific parts of the body like hip, abdomen, and thigh). With proper diet and exercise, this hormone can facilitate an increased loss of weight short term that many of us are looking for.

  • Another use later explored was in the use for increasing fertility in both men and women. It is being used today in the assistance of conception, in those found to have trouble in this area.
  • In men, it is also used for a boost in testosterone production by increasing the stimulus to the testis and increasing blood flow as well.

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