Fractional Radiofrequency with Microneedling

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This is a novel treatment, which uses the power of radiofrequency and has the capacity of applying this below the surface of the skin with microneedles. By reaching different layers of the skin, this incredible treatment allows there to be remodeling of the skin leaving there to be tightened skin and an increased production in collagen.

When compared to ablative and non-ablative lasers the results are more profound with little or no downtime. 

Can be used to:

  • Tighten skin that was left loose or saggy post liposuction procedure
  • Mandibular profiling
  • Tighten zone where there is a double-chin
  • Saggy or loose skin after pregnancy
  • Tighten skin around bust
  • Saggy or loose skin from aging or weight loss, found on neck, arms, hands, abdomen, glutes/butt, legs

Not sure which is the best treatment option for you?

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